Our membership is extremely varied with members of all ages and many different nationalities. Members of the society range in age from small children involved in the society through their parents to retirees who enjoy re-enactment as a hobby. The majority of our members live in Ireland however we are affiliated with many international re-enactment societies for example Danish, Norwegian, Polish and German organisations.

The society is always open to new members and prospective members are encouraged to participate in training sessions and weekend events to see what it is all about before joining up. The society has ‘starter kit’ to loan out to new members and advice will be given on sourcing clothing weapons and craft objects from reputable traders. Please feel free to speak to one of our members at any of our events or contact us for more information.

Camp Life – Be Prepared!

Camping and everything that goes with it is part and parcel of the hobby. Most of our members’ camp in the society’s authentic tents however some members choose to use modern plastic tents which are either located adjacent to the event site or removed during the day. In either case a warm sleeping bag is a key piece of equipment for any re-enactor. In time most members also invest in a camp bed or air mattress for comfort.

Combat Training

The group provides training in hand to hand combat using spears, swords, shields and axes. Some members also train in Archery using the medieval longbow. Combat training with steel weapons for public display is open to all members over the age of 18. Junior members may also receive training but for insurance reasons are not permitted to take the field at a public event.

Travel & Events

The group travels across Ireland and the UK hosting and attending re-enactment events and on a more limited basis attends events further afield. We provide transport for all re-enactment and camping equipment and all group members pitch in and help out setting up and breaking down our living history encampments and displays.